Javascript Developer

<div> <p>Our most successful Developers have a <strong>real passion</strong> &nbsp;for what they do. They strive to understand technology from first principles and actively enjoy the <strong>challenge</strong> of the inevitable <strong>"we have no idea how to do this"</strong> project phase, following through to take <strong>pride</strong> in the <strong>"we did it"</strong> deliverable.</p> <p>We are working on the next generation of Web based real time communication systems and excellent&nbsp; <strong>Javascript programming</strong> &nbsp;skills with an innate ability to produce <strong>elegant, well structured code</strong> which implements complex interactions is key. You will be developing against internal core APIs and the&nbsp;most important thing we are looking for is therefore a range of experience in Javascript environments rather than any particular "must have" framework experience.&nbsp; <strong>Flexibility</strong> <span>&nbsp;which enables you to quickly assimilate tools and techniques to become effective even where you have never used a technology before is therefore a very important attribute.</span></p> <p>The following personal qualities are a pre-requisite:</p> <ul><li>Good self management skills: A grown-up with the ability to confidently progress projects from initial information gathering and planning through to successful completion.</li> <li>Ability to research technical topics, quickly acquiring and applying information to everyday development challenges.</li> <li>Good communication skills which allow you to interact professionally with technical colleagues both face to face and remotely.</li> </ul> <p>Led by engineers not hipsters, our development environment relies on individual project responsibility and a culture of easy and effective informal problem solving between peers. This is a great opportunity for serious engineers with genuinely <strong>outstanding ability</strong> who will be comfortable making a key contribution in a&nbsp; <strong>dynamic small company</strong> . It is a very challenging environment but the biggest positive is that <strong>every day</strong> is <strong>interesting</strong> &nbsp;and <strong>rewarding</strong> if you are motivated by solving tough problems to deliver neat solutions.</p> <p>We envisage that you will be based at least initially at our Bletchley Park office to orientate and integrate with the team core development team, working remotely is then possible if you have the skills and motivation to make a strong contribution in a distributed team environment.</p> </div>

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