Big Data Infrastructure Engineer

<html><body><div><h3>Big Data Infrastructure Engineer</h3> <p>As the number of high-performance physical servers in Arachnys&#x2019; big data clusters increases past three figures, we are recruiting for an experienced data infrastructure engineer to help us automate maintenance, spread workloads more evenly, ensure reliability and backup</p> <h4>A good candidate</h4> <ul><li>Experience with managing medium/large scale Hadoop, HBase, ElasticSearch and/or Storm in production</li> <li>Familiarity with using automated deployment tools (Ansible, Chef etc)</li> <li>Strong understanding of networking and network troubleshooting and benchmarking</li> </ul><h4>An ideal candidate</h4> <ul><li>Expertise using Mesos and similar systems to distribute workloads and share resources</li> <li>Familiarity with web crawling and browser automation</li> <li>Strong Java knowledge</li> </ul><h4>Compensation</h4> <ul><li>Very competitive for an experienced candidate</li> </ul></div></body></html>

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