<p>Appear Here&#8217;s is the largest HUB for short-term retail spaces in the UK.</p> <p>During the summer of 2012 entrepreneur Ross Bailey decided to launch a brand just in time for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. In less than twelve days, from having the idea, the doors on an empty shop in Marshall Street, London opened. The Rock &amp; Rule brand appeared selling limited edition t-shirts and apparel, inspired by the Queen. After the Jubilee Rock &amp; Rule closed its doors, it had made a healthy profit, Ross put his share into funding Appear Here. </p> <p>Appear Here was officially launched in February 2013 and has grown to become UK&#8217;s largest HUB for short-term retail spaces. With thousands of brands signed up Appear Here has clients such as Microsoft, Sony and American Apparel to get back on the high street.</p>