Big Data Partnership

<p>Big Data Partnership is a specialist UK based solution provider, working with clients to help them extract valuable insight from big data. </p> <p>Companies are generating data at a faster rate than ever before and are continuing to outpace the growth of storage capacity. A significant proportion of the driving force behind this explosive growth is in form of unstructured data which has been created from relatively new sources including social networks, mobile content, and machine data, all of which create massive complex data sets. In an information society where data is now the new currency, we firmly believe that making sense of this data in an economically viable way will drive new revenue streams and give our clients competitive advantage that were never before possible using traditional data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. </p> <p>Big Data Partnership help companies to identify use cases to address their big data challenges and then empower them to realise value from it. This encompasses end-to-end consultancy from data strategy to full technology implementation projects. Their consultants are fully certified industry experts, and have worked extensively with Big Data technologies and toolsets including Hadoop and its ecosystem, Cassandra, Storm and others to provide scalable and reliable data solutions.</p>