Cohesive Networks

<p>We help enterprise use cloud infrastructure.</p> <p>CohesiveFT offers network virtualization and virtual image management solutions across all major virtual environments and verticals. Through our cloud migration customer successes, we have designed and delivered more overlay SDN than all competitors combined.</p> <p>CohesiveFT is a member of the Amazon Partner Network, Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), and is a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner and an IBM Business Partner - Ready for SmartCloud Services. </p> <p>Recently, CohesiveFT and VNS3 won the 2013 International Datacenter &amp; Cloud Awards, named runners up in the 2013 Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Awards, listed in the 2013 Top 100 Cloud Service Providers from Talkin&#8217; Cloud, and a finalist in the 2013 Computing Security Awards. <strong>VNS3</strong> Extend your network to your cloud</p> <p>Gain access, visibility and control over end-to-end encryption, IP adressing, network topologies and protocols. VNS3 acts as six devices in one to help you connect and extend your networks to any cloud.</p> <p><strong>Server3</strong> Image Management Factory that Ships to All Clouds</p> <p>Server3 automatically delivers your server images and applications to meet the your requirements to work in OpenStack. Bring your base images together with your own software packages. Learn more about image and topology management.</p> <p>The company has offices in London, Chicago, Belo Horizonte and Palo Alto. </p>